How To Make Us Laugh ? and How to Make Me Happy Always?
Malingping Pos
How To Make Us Laugh ? and How to Make Me Happy Always?

Do you want to always be happy?
or do you want to always look like happy?
but really you're not happy.. owh it's

OK, now I have a way that you always look happy, outside and inside yourself. follow the steps below.happy is the dream of all people, no one in the world who does not want to be happy, happiness can be achieved in various ways, one of which is "to change your appearance in order to always look cheerful" oh no my friend, it was the wrong way, I can assess if you always look fashionable appearance, now I ask you.
  1. Do you want to always take the time to always look fashionable?
  2. how much money you spend for it? cheap or expensive? I believe the answer is "very expensive"
  3. Do you have that much money? 
  4. Do your job, a successful businessman or a successful unemployment?

very unfortunate if you are a successful unemployed who want to always look happy, lifestyle and fashionable clothes that I also believe you can not afford it. Do not laugh I'm serious, I really believe you are asking in your heart. whether unemployment can be happy? then I said, "You certainly can"
Well friends, I will be a little share tips with you, how can we always be happy, but first you need to understand the concept of "happy" and meaning "happy".
  1. happy, to some people is the state of your heart that does not feel anxious or afraid something happen to you, happy is marked with a beautiful smile all day, happy to make you laugh out loud so hard and think no one is more happy than you other than yourself. concepts are happy you should do the following steps:make sure you have confidence in yourself and the view that "life is like a wheel" Sometimes you under sometimes be on top, make sure yourself and convince yourself that life is like a wave of the sea, its ups and downs.
  2. try to reduce your desire to achieve what you believe is not itself able to achieve it. This means that you should examine yourself skills. Do not force something that was not like him yourself.
  3. Do not you feel envious of other people, because the nature of envy keeps us from happiness
  4. Resentment is the biggest and heaviest burden will be if we keep it in the heart. Will you take throughout life? .... I do not think so. Do not waste our energy to hold a grudge, it is definitely of no use. Please use our energy to positive things. 
  5.  Focus On The Issues: If we have some problems, finish our problems one by one. Do not think of to solve the problem all at once because it will make us even more stress.
  6. Do not Bring Your Problems Sleep 
  7. The problem is very bad for the health of our sleep. Our subconscious mind is a wonderful thing that can make us nervous and we become sleep soundly.
  8. Do not Take Your Problems Others to Resolve 
  9. Helping others who are in trouble is a noble thing, but if we take the largest portion to solve other people's problems that's the biggest mistake. Let the person who completed the bulk of their own problems.
  10. Do not Live in the Past It may be convenient for us to remember the fun things in the past but do not you fall asleep in it. Concentrate with what is happening now, because we would be able to feel a lot of happiness in the moment. I'm sure we'll have a feeling a lot happier if we celebrate what is happening now rather than remembering happiness'd read in the past.
  11. Be a Good Listener Probably most people including me :) hard to be a good listener. On the contrary we expect others who listened to us, but actually to learn to listen to others, we will get a lot of new things that can be very useful for the happiness of our lives. 
  12. Do not Let Frustration Set and even Disrupt Your Life Have mercy on us more than anything else, I mean we should not give in to frustration. Go ahead. Take positive action and do it consistently. 
  13.  Always be thankful Grateful and thankful for all that we get, not only the positive but also the negative, because I believe that behind every negative thing is there are good things we can learn. 
 That's a few tips that I can give to you, may be useful and inspire you to live a life. always keep your smile