5 Types of Breast Pain in Women You Need to Know

5 Types of Breast Pain in Women You Need to Know

5 Types of Breast Pain in Women You Need to Know
Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013
Women today can not be separated from the shadow of cancer, and breast tumors. This one disease has become one of the hazards of modern lifestyle and stress on vulnerable women today. Sometimes we do not have time to do sports and indiscriminate eating instant foods that increase the risk of breast cancer and tumors.

Do not be surprised if you start to feel pain or tenderness in your breasts may fear both the malignant disease has begun to overshadow. But you know, there are 5 kinds of pain in the breast that is not all of which are symptoms of breast cancer or tumors. Here are some types of pain in the breast that you need to know.

1. Cancer

We start from the biggest causes pains in the breast. Breast pain caused by cancer is to watch. Therefore we must be aware of the changes, lumps or anything else that feels awkward in our breasts. Consult with a physician to determine the clarity of your symptoms.

2. PMS

One of the causes of pain in the breast is PMS. This is the effect of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are experiencing ups and downs before, during and even after menstruation arrives. Conditions vary in each woman. When you feel pain but not found any breast lumps, maybe you could see if the adjacent calendar with monthly menstrual cycle.

3. Pregnant

Other causes of pain in the breast is when you are in your pregnancy. Not much different from the PMS, it is also affected by hormonal conditions. It may be that in this condition, breast swelling you experience pain at once. This is because the breasts also begin to prepare before the child was born.

4. Puberty

Well, when pain occurs in adolescence, it could be that you are experiencing changes in puberty. Interestingly, breast pain is not only experienced girls, you know. Male adolescents can also experience the same thing in its growth.

5. Cyst

Cysts are one of the common causes why women experience breast tenderness. Usually treated with minor surgery. Cysts arise due to changes in the body from adolescence to adulthood. However this is not always the case in women.

No need to worry if the pain in the breasts whack. Check the changes and if symptoms persist, you can consult with a doctor to determine whether a particular action should be taken. Always loved your breasts. And thus may be useful for you all
5 Types of Breast Pain in Women You Need to Know
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