7 Alternate Natural Mask For Oily Skin

7 Alternate Natural Mask For Oily Skin

7 Alternate Natural Mask For Oily Skin
Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013
Oily skin is one type of skin that youthful potential. However, if not treated, it will lead to problems like blackheads accumulate, acne and so on. So it is necessary for a thorough treatment of the natural ingredients and cosmetic products manufactured.
7 Alternate Natural Mask For Oily Skin

If you want to save money and use a more healthy way, you can also use the following alternative natural mask.

1. Cucumber Mask

There is a fun and efficient way to make a cucumber mask. You can blend half a cucumber with mint leaves 4-5 cups of water and stau. Take the juice, then dip a cotton sheet. Wring the cotton condition remains flat and apply on face parts. You can use the leftover juice to dicelupi cotton and cotton store in a plastic bag that is placed in the refrigerator. You can also use the water to be used as facial spray.

2. Strawberry mask

Strawberry is a fruit that contains vitamin C and good for skin health. Mash strawberries and use them on your face. Use regularly to help skin more radiant and balanced content of the oil on the face.

3. Lemon Mask

Do not be surprised if the lemon is often used in a variety of cosmetics to the skin as vitamin A, C, B1-B3 it can make the skin appear healthy and well groomed. Mix the lemon juice with whipped egg whites for 10 minutes and rinse to get the skin fresh and not like an oil refinery.

4. Tomato Mask

Tomatoes are able to maintain the skin's natural moisture and keep it balanced. Mash tomatoes and apply directly on your skin to get the properties of vitamins. You can also mix it with a little lemon juice to help shrink the pores.

5. Mask Aloe Vera

Use aloe vera to soothe the skin of excess oil production. Aloe Vera or Aloe vera can soothe and care for oily skin. Helps get rid of oil and shrink pores.

6. Tea Mask

You can use green tea or black tea to help solve problems of oily skin. Dip cotton in half a cup of green tea or black tea. Sort the cotton into sections and apply on face. Tea mask is able to keep the skin from acne and dull skin.

7. Yogurt Mask

Use yogurt on a cleansed face. Creamy yogurt and cold is applied on the T can help shrink pores and tackle excess oil.

7 Alternate Natural Mask For Oily Skin
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